• Things to Check with a Limousine Company

    Wedding and Prom season is coming and most people need to check their limousine companies. A lot of things come into mind, such as budgeting and picking the right car, however, there are a couple of key things one needs to check before they book their cars. The major concern should be.


    The word may make you a little bit too paranoid, or a rather unpleasant thought. However, safety is a big deal for everyone.

    However, what do I mean when I say safety? We once saw a morbid Nationwide about death and how to protect your loved ones. Although Life Insurance is really important, there are other things you should check with your limousine company. You should know the questions to ask and understand that even though they may have some type of insurance. There are specifics they need.

    One of the greatest tips is check the background of the company! A lot of companies are of course going to tell you they are insured and sometimes many companies are not going to be willing to show you their certificates, because it private information. This private information can lead to stealing identities (companies identities can be stolen as well).

    So don’t burst out and expect a big answer from anyone and say yes but there are tips that you can check if a company is reliable and safe.

    1) National Organization and Local Organization

    Is your company a part of any part of a national organization?

    The National Limousine Association (NLA) is one of the largest and most prestigious limousine association in the country. If your company is a part, then they are definitely a good choice. It costs money to join and they have multiple resources that help them have the best insurance companies, the best network and simply the best.

    Now the best, may sound very cliche (we’re the best and you should buy us). However, being part of a national organization requires membership fees and not just any company can be a part of it. There are multiple local organizations that also help and provide various resources to the different companies. These associations work together to ensure the business grows and they are safe and of course quality. Associations and memberships provides the reputation of the other companies.

    2) Taxi and Limousine Commission

    The Taxi and Limousine Commission allows companies to work in the city or local area that they have. The commission is there to serve and help companies continue with compliance. This one is really not that much of a big deal (any company that wants to work in anywhere has to work with their local commission), if they’re not I would be concerned, mainly because they’re not properly working with the right permits. Also, if there are police roaming around where you are, they will take away the vehicle away. Not you, just the ride of your big day, making your big day be memorable in the wrong way!

    3) Department of Transportation

    This one is crucial! Why? Most limousine companies need to be certified by the Department of Transportation in the state and in the country. As surprising as it may be most limousine companies are considered a bus companies. Since they are considered as such, then they have to be compliant to the Department of Transportation, not only within their state but the country. The Department of Transportation is not going to certify just any company. They have to have worker’s comp (which is big sign of safety) and be routinely checked. Think of it as a restaurant. They always have to be up to code right? The only thing that restaurants HAVE to do this. Companies have the option to not do it, if caught they would get in a plethora of legal problems.

    4) Insurance

    This information definitely varies but there is a minimum mandated requirement most limousine companies need to do as a coverage. A great way of knowing who you are working with is if you request a direct Insurance Certificate from the insurance company. What we do at K and G Limousine, is we have our own insurance company mail in the insurance certification to our potential client? Why? Transparency and trust, any company can easily say, yeah we’re insured, and not completely be certified to even drive the vehicle. The certificate will give you proof that this company is compliant and they are responsible.


    These are general questions you should ask. Although morbid they are to show the professionalism of the company you are working with. If a company has all of these no matter what type of service, you can count sure that they know what they’re doing and that you will not have to worry about your safety.

    Thank you

    K and G Limousine

  • Sweater Weather 2017

    Sweater Weather 2017

    Sweater Weather is upon New York and one of the greatest things that bring this weather is not only falling leaves, but the great and fun holidays: Halloween and Thanksgiving.


    Although Halloween is celebrated in many countries, there is a completely different experience in New York. Our limousine company has seen many Halloweens come and go and the parade, the extravagant costumes and of course the infamous walk of shame. In terms of Long Island many people want to enjoy the big city celebration. Usually it is much cheaper to take the Long Island Railroad back, but at what cost, with sporadic and unreliable schedules at midnight, if people want to get back home on time, they would have to lose in all the fun. Sometimes if you have a limousine company with you, to keep your belongings, be comfortable and make sure that you don’t have to sit on the floor of a train station in order to wait to get home.

    New York City Marathon

    November 5, 2017 is the date for the famous and annual New York City Marathon. People from all over the world will be traveling to our great city to participate and root for their favorite runner in the New York City Marathon. Last year our company had the pleasure to accompany a family and root for their family member that ran the NYC Marathon. We had great time going through the Boroughs and making sure that we keep on rooting. It is a great event and great time to be in New York! Make sure you book your flights!

    Thanksgiving Day Parade

    One of the most exciting days in New York City is the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. People arrive early to make sure that they are able to see their favorite artist or guest and balloons. Around this time the weather gets a little chilly but, still New York has the warmth of the holidays in the air. So it is a wonderful time to be in New York and it is a great kickstart to New York in the winter holidays.

  • Things to do IN NYC during the holidays

    K and G Limousine team loves the holidays – even though the weather gets chillier –there great events and holiday traditions that hold true for everyone. So hold to your shoe as we go through what great things you can do during this Holiday season.

    Thanksgiving – Yes! It is most Americans favorite holiday. Many Americans travel during this time of year whether to or from somewhere they do this to be with their families and/or loved ones, this is the busiest time for airlines and airports in the United States. Most of the airports in the New York area are packed not only from people across the globe but especially from people across the country.

    Thanksgiving Day Parade

    In New York you cannot miss the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade! It’s something you have to do if you ever visit New York, at least once, during this time. Celebrities and high profile stars are in the floats and you cannot forget the showcase they do at Herald Square. Most of New York is closed off during the morning but it’s a great spot to see your favorite celebrities if they’re invited. This year, it is the 90 th parade. Tony Bennet, Grace Vanderwaal, The Muppets and many others will be there. Don’t forget the floats and the wonderful balloons!

    Black Friday Shopping

    You can do this absolutely anywhere! However, NYC has great prices and of course great offers. I know most people enjoy this time to do their massive amounts of shopping. This is where K and G Limousine would like to step in and say, if you’re interested if car service and being driven around the favorites spots/outlets and have an hourly service, contact us. We will give you Black Friday Specials and ensure that your shopping travel service is great!

    2016 Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Lighting

    There is something many tourists and New Yorkers that enjoy is the beginning of the Holiday Season in NYC and one of the biggest traditions is the Tree Lighting. The 2016 Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Lighting. The Tree Lighting this year is on November 30, 2016. All the streets are closed especially for people to see this tradition still happen. The ceremony will begin at around 7pm and end at 9, with various performances. If you miss out on the lighting – the tree will be lit until January 7, 2017. So enjoy the beginning of the holiday season with a wonderful NY Tradition.

    Ice Skating

    There are three great places that you can Ice Skate in New York City.

    Bryant Park

    Wollman Rink at Central Park

    Rockefeller Center