• “Let’s go to the Movies” in New York – K & G Limousine

    “Let’s Go to The Movies” Do you remember that scene in Annie (The 1982 film version) and they go to the movies? Let’s not discuss the fact that they go to the Radio City Music Hall and Daddy Warbucks is one of the richest men during the Depression and is able to book the whole […]

  • Wedding Venues in Long Island – Nassau County

    Destination weddings have always been popular, however, you have to get tickets to the airport, there could be delays (with the stormy style weather we get over the summer), and some relatives cannot travel. It is way more expensive than what most people expect. We have done some research to plan a great wedding. This […]

  • Things to Check with a Limousine Company

    Wedding and Prom season is coming and most people need to check their limousine companies. A lot of things come into mind, such as budgeting and picking the right car, however, there are a couple of key things one needs to check before they book their cars. The major concern should be. Safety. The word […]

  • Sweater Weather 2017

    Sweater Weather 2017 Sweater Weather is upon New York and one of the greatest things that bring this weather is not only falling leaves, but the great and fun holidays: Halloween and Thanksgiving. Halloween: Although Halloween is celebrated in many countries, there is a completely different experience in New York. Our limousine company has seen […]

  • Things to do IN NYC during the holidays

    K and G Limousine team loves the holidays – even though the weather gets chillier –there great events and holiday traditions that hold true for everyone. So hold to your shoe as we go through what great things you can do during this Holiday season. Thanksgiving – Yes! It is most Americans favorite holiday. Many […]