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    “Let’s Go to The Movies”

    Do you remember that scene in Annie (The 1982 film version) and they go to the movies? Let’s not discuss the fact that they go to the Radio City Music Hall and Daddy Warbucks is one of the richest men during the Depression and is able to book the whole theatre for little Annie’s entertainment. Even though the price of going to the movies costs and arm and a leg. There is something about going to Majestic theatre and experience movie like it is supposed to.

    This list will list the best NYC Movie Theatres, (I know we wish but spoiler alert Radio City Music Hall is not in that list, although we wish that the Rockettes showed up to give us a pre-show before seeing a movie, they mainly do Rockettes/Concerts now.)

    1) AMC EMPIRE 25, New York

    Right in the middle of Times Square this giant multiplex-with 20 + screens and of course the nerver ending escalators makes watching a movie enjoyable and make you feel like you have an amazing experience. This giant theatre has stadium seating, plus frequent showings of almost every popular movie on the market—including screenings in Imax and 3D.

    2) Regal Cinemas E-Walk 13 & RPX

    Another movie theatre in the middle of Times Square, take a look on the reviews, it speaks for itself. This Majestic theatre provides a one of a kind experience for its 4DX motion picture technology. Although it is pricier, it makes the movie going experience far beyond one expects. The theatre is smaller than AMC, however, it does make two different options for movie going in New York City. Especially right in the middle of one of the major touristic areas of New York City.

    Regal Union Square Stadium 14 Movie Theatre

    What do you get by buying a ticket to the Union Square Regal Theatre? You are getting a ticket to a mini museum experience. Regal theatres are knowing for their vast amount of advertisements that are located around their theatres (this is the one you see in the movies about going to the movies), additionally they provide with various props to entertain their guests. For example once one of our clients went to see LaLaLand (talking about movies that loves movies), before entering into the theatre hall that was showing the movie, there was a display of the clothing the cast used in the movie. Was it authentic? We’re not sure. Would they claim? Maybe. However, things like this adds to a little more excitement about going to a movie. We understand that perhaps seeing mannequins with clothes may not be the WOW moment you want to see in NYC, however, these are little features that makes the movie going experience far more enjoyable. Now with the access of the internet, you need to add things that make this a far more unique experience. Particularly if you’re going to pay almost 15 dollars to sit in a room and watch a 1.5 to 2 hour flick.

    AMC Roosevelt Field and AMC Roosevelt Field Raceway

    Long Island, before you criticize why were are going all the way to Long Island and why are we just talking about AMC and Regal theatres. These are the theatres we have personally experienced. However, AMC Roosevelt Field Raceway, does not look as majestic as it did back then. Located in East Meadow, this theatre looks rather old, however, it has multiple theatres inside. There’s something homely about this theatre. Yes, AMC needs to upgrade the theatre, there is a charm to its rundown moment. This is the other theatre that also does the Oscar Viewing (This is the event AMC does to show all of the movies that are nominated to an Oscar.) The surrounding areas have plenty of restaurants and a wonderful Target you can stop by for a quick snack.

    AMC Roosevelt Field Mall is another movie theatre that was recently renovated, although it does not have many rooms as the Raceway, there is a great experience in which you can enjoy a great experience. Even though both of these theaters are in Long Island, we chose them because of their locality and their convenience.

    New York has many movie festivals that are in various theaters, there will be a list featuring that, however, this is just about movie going. Do you have a movie theatre to suggest? Let us know, we will update the list.